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A little bit about us:

As far back as I can remember…

Daddy has called me “Bug” and sometimes “Bug-a-loo” (because I was small as a bug when I was a baby and he could hold me with just one hand) and Mama has always been the Queen Bee (but only folks at Cottage Flower Shop in Pelham GA ever really called her “Queenie”), busily making all kinds of neat stuff and keeping us well fed and just generally making a comfortable home for us all.  Mama and I have always loved crafting together, and Daddy and my brother Jared like to do their own kind of “crafting” with wood outside in the workshop too, so it has always been a family tradition to have some kind of project going on at all times.  Now that I’m all grown up with a family of my own, I very much enjoy sewing things for my 2 boys, although I have to think hard sometimes about what to make for a boy (sometimes a girl would be so much more fun to sew for…), but that’s okay because everybody needs a challenge. 


My mother and I have dreamed of having an outlet for our crafts for a while now.  See, since we like to sew and craft and paint (and on and on), and our families don’t have enough room for all our creations, now we are offering (some of) them for sale!


We find inspiration all around us, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask!  We can probably help you out! We always need an excuse to go out and buy more fabric, so please, let us sew for you! 


We hope to someday have a real shop in the bustling community known as Spence, GA and become the one-stop-shop for all your gift-giving needs!  For now though, we have all of our items currently for sale listed on our Etsy shop- please visit us at http://bugshugs.etsy.com/


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Here is a sampling of our recent sewing and craft projects.  Let us know if you see something you like and would like us to duplicate it for you!


  • A cape for a birthday gift for a friend of Ayden’s and for cousin Z, too


  • Dotty the Elephant for Ayden and Spot the Bunny for Spencer


  • A Tote-able Towel for my cousin Jenna


  • Lotsa aprons by Mama (most are for sale at our Etsy site – hurry, go check them out!)


  • A train fabric bag for our library books


  • A penguin shirt for Ayden


  • Lotsa cute little girl shirts (most on sale at Etsy) - I was inspired by a friend at church, Thanks, U


  • Lotsa honey-bee related items b/c Mama is ChairWoman of the Grady County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee and they are currently involved in the state-wide commodity promotion of honeybees


  • Neck pillows (they were even personalized so no fighting over whose is whose) for everyone in the family this past Christmas- I’ve had lots of comments about them being lifesavers on those long roadtrips ;)


  • Some baby shower gifts for friends at church and around town


  • Characters you may recognize (l to r: Bob the Builder, Raggedy Ann, and Jo Jo)




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